How Do You Fix Malnutrition?

Malnutrition is a condition that results after deprivation of essential nutrients on one’s diet. However, the supply of the nutrients can be present in the diet, but the body fails to absorb the nutrients from the food, resulting in malnutrition. You can fix malnutrition by determining the cause of the condition and also knowing how severe the condition is. Some of the ways used to fix malnutrition include;

Deworming.  Intestinal worms infect most people, especially in the developing countries. They cause an abdominal obstruction that limits the absorption of essential nutrients from the body. They also limit a person eating habits thus hunger and consequence malnutrition. In children, the worms’ benefits from the nutrients in the food whereas in adults the result is deteriorated health and thus inability to work usually. However, deworming helps clear off the life cycle of the worms.

Micronutrients supplements.  A study has shown that it is possible to eliminate deficiency symptoms related to vitamin A, iodine deficiency and also reduce maternal anemia in pregnant women. Children and women’s diet should get micro-nutrient supplements in the form of powders and also provide lipid-containing nutrient supplements. By this, curbing malnutrition is not compromised.

Micronutrient fortification.  Food fortification avails the essential vitamins and minerals in foods. Food fortification can ward off the challenge of malnutrition worldwide. The cost of adding the vitamins and minerals to the food is very low compared to the damage you expose yourself to by not considering fortified food. If a patient gets subjected to the right diet containing vitamins and mineral supplements, malnutrition can be a tale to tale. However, the progress of the patient should get monitored and weight and height, measurements are taken to see whether the response to feeds is positive.

Biofortification.  Most of the developing countries are subject to abject poverty. People primarily feed on starchy food that is locally available. The food is however rich in starch and only provides the energy needed to carry on with life. Biofortification of the available energy-rich foods will improve the health of the poor. Everyone will access the nutrients need since the intake of the micronutrient will be in quantity in their stable foods. By thing, people will lead a healthier lifestyle as their food has the essential balancing that is required.

Research and development to increase crop yields.  Hunger is predominant in the developing countries resulting in a large population suffering from malnutrition. However, people are advised to invest in agriculture since it is the only way to curb hunger. Increased crop yields avail the food to people at a pocket-friendly price unlike when the food is scarce. Employing the most recent farming technology will enable the developing countries to forget about hunger. Despite the changing climatic conditions, it is crucial that a country be dynamic and accommodate change. By this, the country will adopt new techniques that will provide quantity as well as quality crop yields.

Even so, special care gets needed for severely malnourished kids. They should be taken to the hospital whereby they get rehydrated before feeding them – know more on types of acute malnutrition.